Technical Specification of 25mm Pillar Drill Machine


Drilling Capacity In Steel

25 mm

Spindle Travel

250 mm

Taper in Spindle


No of Speed

8 Speed

Spindle Speed Rang

70 RPM to 1980 RPM

Column Diameter

89 mm

Center of Spindle to Column

250 mm

Max. Dist. of Spindle Nose to Table

580 mm

Max. Dist. of Spindle Nose to Base

990 mm

Square Working Table Dimension

340 mm x 340 mm

Working Table Base is without Tilting

Fix Type

Overall Base Dimension (L x W)

625 mm x 420 mm

Base Dimension (Machined Area)

325 mm x 315 mm

Number/ Size of Slot

2/12 mm

Drilling Motor

0.75 KW, 1440 RPM


'V' Belt (B-52)

Overall Dimension ( L x W x H)

750 mm x 420 mm x 1700 mm


225 Kg (Approx)


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