Different types of workshop machine

S K Industries workshop machines are useful industrial equipments that are used in the process of shaping, cutting, and finishing of elements. Our metal working industries and workshop primarily deal in bulky heavy-duty machines to carry out different types of tasks on several elements. Our each piece of these machinery’s are made up of various metals, as diverse as iron and steel, bronze, aluminum, and nickel that cater to several metalworking projects involving users. Our offered drilling machines are the most common machining process whereby the operation involves making round holes in metallic and nonmetallic materials. These machines are ideal for the garage, workshop, warehouse, production etc. Modern design and robust construction of powder coated, welded steel.

Use of Workshop Machines


Our offered Workshop Machines are used for various purposes.


Drilling Machine : Principally accustomed to drill straight cylindrical holes in solid inflexible bodies or increase existing holes.


Bar Cutting Machine : Devices that are used for fulfilling cutting and bending purposes on construction sites. Usually powered by hydraulic power, and are capable of easily cutting hard bars and concrete substances.


Drill Dust Collector : Drilling even one hole through the wall often creates a shower of fine dust down the wall, where it can stick to shelves, and the floor.


Milling Machine : These machines are exclusively designed power-driven equipment which is used in industries for complex shaping of metals.


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